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Roulette Table Layout - Learn the basics

Microgaming Microgaming Roulette Table

Roulette - Table Layout

Playing Roulette online is much easier than playing in a land based casino due to the simple fact that you can control every aspect of the game with a click of your mouse.

Above is a standard European Roulette table and we have highlighted several of the key features on the table, below we will tell you what each of these positions are to give you a much better understanding of how a roulette table layout works.

Roulette - Betting Positions

1. This is where you place a Straight Up bet you can place it on any individual number(s) and a successful wager will return 35:1

2. This is a Split bet and your chip is placed on the line separating any 2 numbers, should you get either of your numbers spun in and you will be rewarded at odds of 17-1

3. This is a Street bet and you are covering all 3 numbers in that row, if any of those 3 numbers appear you will be paid out at odds of 11:1

4. This is a Square bet and here you are covering all 4 numbers in that square, this bet will payout if successful at odds of 8:1

5. This bet covers all 6 numbers in 2 rows and is called a Line bet this will return odds of 5:1 if any one of those 6 numbers is spun in

6. We have placed two 6's on the Roulette table as these both represent wagers that return odds of 2-1 they are called the Column bet and there are 3 boxes available to bet on which cover all 12 numbers in that entire column.

Then there is the Dozen bet again there are 3 possible betting positions and these cover the numbers 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 respectively

7. This is just one of 6 possible Even Money paying betting opportunities. You can bet on Red or Black, High (19-36) Low (1-18), Odd numbers and Even Numbers.

Roulette Wheel - Features

8. This is the Roulette wheel, here you will see it spin and the ball finally land.

9. This is a zoom-in on the Roulette wheel, this keeps a close track in a zoom window of exactly where the ball is and where it landed.

10. This is a display which will show all the previous numbers that spun in.

11. These are the chips values, you need to select one of these to value the chips you will be placing on the Roulette table.

12. This is how you control the game, in this instance you can either rebet you last bets or double your last bets. Once you have made your betting decision simply click "Spin"

If you fancy giving this game a try directly from our site and completely free of charge then visit our play free Roulette section and get spinning!

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